"Working with Lexis to plan, coordinate, and execute my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. Her warm personality and care for my wedding-day vision made her easy to talk to and gave me peace of mind that my wedding would be without chaos. My mom and I were concerned that we were never going to be able to manage all of the details and contracts and other things that come along with planning a wedding, but Lexis worked directly with myself and vendors to realize my vision. She was also able to help me take all of my Pinterest inspiration and turn it into reality, in addition to making money-saving recommendations. When needed, Lexis would thoughtfully listen to my concerns, incorporate my feedback, and respond quickly and with insight. I am forever grateful that, because of her help, I can confidently say that from sunrise to sunset my wedding day was perfect. From end-to-end planning to day-of coordination, recommending Lexis to other brides is easy, because she is incredibly talented and a value to anyone she works with."

-Ellie Hardy

"Lexis was amazing to work with! I was a Bride with a very specific vision and she helped me bring that vision to life. She was extremely responsive, detail oriented, and took charge when I needed her to. She was extremely responsive, detail oriented, and took charge when I needed her to. She worked great with all vendors and made sure the day went off without a hitch! At one point, her assistant even had to safety pin/sew my dress back together. She thought of everything and I am so very happy to have worked with her on my special day. Highly recommend!"

-Serena Ploessl

"All who are fortunate enough to have Lexis Hay as their wedding coordinator will not be disappointed!  I cannot imagine anyone else who would be more organized, more attentive, or more take charge of all aspects of my daughter's wedding day. She takes the time to understand the bride's style, and all the personal touches of the wedding, and mastermind details every minute of the day according to that. Not only did the actual ceremony and reception run smoothly like clockwork,  but she managed to run our rehearsal (with 20 bridesmaids and groomsmen) in exactly one hour - a true feat and testimony of her expertise! Her pleasant demeanor and charming New Zealand accent are a bonus; everyone involved in our wedding was more than happy to follow her direction. We are 100% satisfied and grateful for her services."

-Elanor Knox

"What a wonderful experience we had with Lexis Hay as we planned my daughter’s wedding. Lexis was very thoughtful in her approach, asking lots of questions to understand the bride’s vision, then pulling the big picture together down to the smallest detail. Her experience allowed her to give prompt and value-added feedback.  Her guidance was invaluable with vendor selection and she did a great job managing the process, setting up the day of timetable and giving us budget saving suggestions as well. I am a control freak and thought I would handle a lot of the details myself, but as we went along I quickly realized I could not be involved in all the details and took great comfort knowing Lexis was on top of everything. She is immensely qualified to do it all – from planning, to vendor management,  to day of she made it seem effortless even though she was hard at work.  We touched base as needed if questions came up, and in the end having Lexis manage everything was the best decision I made. The wedding exceeded all expectations!"                                               

-Mary Smith

"I decided at the last minute to get a day of planner and finding Lexis was the best thing that could have happened. Right off the bat I didn’t feel like I was hiring a planner but instead I felt like I had gained a friend to help walk alongside and guide me through the craziness that is wedding planning. Lexis new all the right questions to ask and I felt completely secure in her hands. We had a rather rambunctious wedding party and Lexis was able make sure we were having fun while also being where we needed to be when we needed to be there. I couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without Lexis!"

-Sam Williams 

“My daughter’s wedding was one of the happiest days in our family. Most of that was because it was a worry free day without any stress, problems, or fatigue. As Mother of the Bride I was able to give all my attention to my daughter because I knew the details were in the hands of Lexis. Lexis paid close attention to the vision my daughter had. She fulfilled her wedding day dream while sticking to our budget and making sure all was perfect. She even covered details we had never even thought of. So happy that she was a part of the process! I would have been a nervous wreck without her.”

-Mikel Crowley

“My wedding day was the happiest, smoothest day - thanks to Lexis Hay. As our wedding coordinator, Lexis thought of everything. Her detailed timeline for the wedding weekend was a lifesaver in times of stress, and her attention to detail really shined when the day went seamlessly as planned. I’m so thankful I had her by my side - we couldn’t have done it without her.”

-Caitlin Watkins

"I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful Lexis was to work with for our wedding. From day one, she had brilliant and creative ideas to add to our own plans and implemented them wonderfully. She was specific in her planning and coordinated with all of the vendors in a perfect timely and efficient manner to ensure the day was perfect- which it was! The entire day went smoothly and everything was absolutely perfect. She also coordinated and planned our rehearsal dinner and completely transformed the brewery into a classy and cozy affair. I could not be more pleased with everything!!" 

-Becca Thompson

"Lexis is wonderful! She took time to meet with us and find out exactly what we wanted for our wedding and asked great questions to help us make sure we thought through everything. She thought of things that I would never have considered. She worked so well with our vendors and made sure our day was perfect! I highly recommend working with Lexis for your big day!" 

-Lauren Newell 

"I am very, very grateful that Lexis was the coordinator for our daughter's wedding. She has so much grace under pressure and is so organized. With her lovely accent and demeanor, she can "order" people around if need be, and they are just entranced. By her handling the vendors and the last minute details on the day of the wedding, I was able to enjoy the time with family and friends. Thank you!" 

-Susan Yeilding 

"Lexis was amazing!! She had such great insight and was so helpful in figuring out important details I hadn't even thought of! On the day of the wedding, she guided us through the day with a very detailed timeline, and everything went smoothly! I don't know what I would have done without her! Thank you Lexis!!"

-Christina Kennedy 

“Entering into the world of “My Wedding,” my mom and I needed help planning the schedule and logistics of the huge day so it would go smoothly and be magical. Lexis devoted significant time meeting with us until we both felt confident my day would be perfect. She continuously offered wise counsel on how to make a reception run smoothly and keep our guests flowing easily through a rather complex venue. Lexis certainly has an eye for elegance and beauty, and oh my word, how she helped make our reception look just that way! It was stunning - like gorgeous magazine spreads. Lexis did an excellent job directing my husband and me from spot to spot- the first dance, to the cake cutting, to the garter toss, to our send off under the glittering sparklers, etc. She was patient but firm at the same time and I knew her priority was us having the time of our lives. Our day was unforgettable, incredibly beautiful and so much fun! My wedding day was a dream come true, and I can say with confidence, yours will be too. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!”

-Katherine Griffeth

"Lexis did an exceptional job planning our rehearsal dinner and wedding this summer. Prior to the big weekend, it was a huge help to have a wedding expert on-call to advise and answer questions. She always gave us much-needed direction, while also staying within our style and budget. She is like an experienced friend who can give unbiased opinions on anything wedding-related. One of the most important things that made our wedding run smoothly was the well-planned timeline. Lexis knows what works and made a perfect timeline for us and made we stayed on track throughout the wedding day, despite the fact that everyone wanted our time! Furthermore, we were able to take solace in the fact that that Lexis was in charge of contacting and coordinating all the vendors on the day of the wedding. We never had to pick up our phones to confirm or correct anything, so we were really able to relax and enjoy the weekend even more. Finally, we were impressed with the way that Lexis and her colleague, Carrie, decorated the venue for our rehearsal dinner. They have a very good eye for design—everything was perfectly in place! All in all, Lexis is nothing short of a class act and we can’t recommend her enough."

-Kathleen Krafka

Lexis is the best!!! I would highly recommend not making any wedding plans before consulting with her. Lexis not only coordinated all of the timelines for the wedding but also had excellent sources for vendors who I would have never found on my own. She was very organized and kept us on track throughout the planning process as well as the rehearsal and wedding day. Although weddings can be stressful, Lexis managed to keep us calm and confident that my daughter's big day would be fabulous. Even though I didn't know Lexis before the wedding, I now consider her a good friend. Thank you Lexis!

-Tammy Amsler