My Most Important Wedding Advice

As I have pushed deeper into my career as a wedding planner, I have found that many of my clients did not initially recognize the value of a wedding planner. Unlike the wedding photographer, caterer, or venue provider, my product is not tangible. Yet, I would argue and many of my clients would agree that the service I provide is one of the most important investments you make. I ensure that all those other investments (often $20,000+) play out as you intended on the big day. Spending thousands of dollars on various vendors does not ensure you they will come together on the day as you envisioned. All the money you spend on your wedding deserves a guardian.


Over the years, I have heard numerous stories of weddings gone awry due to poor planning, communication, and organization. As those of us in the wedding industry know, planning a wedding requires experience and an understanding of how to engineer a timeline so that your day is flawless. Since I am a designer, I also have a keen sense of how to ensure your wedding is aesthetically as you envisioned. To provide you with a few of the most important reasons about why it is essential to hire a wedding planner, I have compiled a list that I believe anyone planning a wedding should consider:


1. You cannot coordinate your own wedding day.

Since you are the center of your big day, and your family and friends want to enjoy every moment, you must have someone who resolves problems, ensures the vendors are in place, keeps you on schedule, and is available to answer questions. I am always amazed by what can happen on the day, but I am always pleased when I resolve an issue quickly so that it does not disturb the bride and groom.


2. Experienced Planners know how to engineer your ideal timeline.

If your wedding flows well, it makes for a calm and memorable experience. The shape of the room, the size of the wedding, party, the personality of the bride and groom are just some of the aspects I consider when creating the timeline.


3. A planner can help you stick to your budget, and even save you money.

There are always costs that my clients don’t know about or consider when they start planning. Hiring a wedding planner can help you to think through every detail to ensure you are able to save money, identify the best vendors, and help you think of those unplanned details that often cost the most.


4. A planner can identify the right vendors.

Since every bride and groom is different, researching vendors on your own will not always lead you to the right ones. I have seen numerous vendors in action at many different weddings, which has enabled me to see them perform in different atmospheres, amongst different types of personalities, and I have seen those who succeeded and those who did not meet expectations. However, it is ultimately my client’s choice. I will simply provide you with my institutional knowledge.


5. Planners save your time and sanity.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and time, and my clients already have busy lives. I save you hours of research time by identifying the right vendors, maintaining your budget, helping you to think through big decisions, and being a phone call away when you have a question, concern, or just need support. I even attend meetings with my clients or on their behalf depending on their needs. And when the big day arrives and it can be difficult to find help with the myriad of logistics, I am always in your corner ensuring you are happy, excited, and supported.