The Separate Identities of the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding

The Rehearsal Dinner sets the tone for the wedding weekend, and since many of the guests are attending both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, you want each event to take on a memorable personality.

Recently, a few of my clients have been able to achieve this contrast in a myriad of creative ways. One of my favorites however was a client who hosted the rehearsal dinner in a brewery and the wedding in a ballroom setting. In order to create this contrast, I worked with ScreenDoor Events and Design to first establish the personality for the rehearsal dinner by transforming Terrapin brewery in Athens into a relaxed, but beautiful environment to welcome family and guests in a way that sparked excitement and set a joyful tone for the wedding weekend. We achieved this look by filling wooden flower boxes and natural vases made of bark with florals and moss. The comfort food by local caterers Home Made perfectly added to the relaxed atmosphere. And to complete the setting, lights were strung from the celling, lanterns were placed in moss boxes, and candles were lit to give the room a warm glow. 

In order to establish the personality and vision for the wedding reception, I engaged the help of Greg Hall Florists to create a mood of traditional elegance with a little bling. Together we worked to play-off the black and white floors by decorating the 25 tables with a simple color palate that included black table toppers over white cloths. Strung café-lights hung over the table centerpieces styled with silver mercury vases and candelabras filled with beautiful, loosely-flowing florals which were then placed on mirrors and surrounded by candles that reflected onto the high ceiling. The sweetheart table gave the bride and groom a magical view of the festivities.

When the rehearsal dinner and the wedding have separate personalities, the events don’t compete with one another and each provides the bride and groom, family, and guests with unique memories from each evening.



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