Saying YES... to Being a Bridesmaid

When you are asked to be a bridesmaid, what are the expectations? Every bride has dreamed of what her special day will look like, and although you may have your own ideas, you- the bridesmaid- are there to support the bride’s vision. You can do this by being a team player and keeping the bride’s happiness at the center of your decisions.

Photo by  Geneoh

Photo by Geneoh

Be prepared to:

  1. Pay for a dress and shoes in addition to hair and makeup if required.

  2. Help host and attend pre-wedding parties and showers.

  3. Plan and attend a bachelorette party that highlights the bride’s personality.

  4. Order the correct sized bridesmaids dress as soon as possible and let the bride know. You should not stress the bride with your responsibilities.

  5. Block off the evening before the wedding and the entire day of the wedding as you need to be available to attend the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding preparations, wedding, and post wedding events.

  6. Learn how to bustle the wedding dress before the reception.

Be emotionally prepared to put aside:

  1. Drama. Keep your own drama out of the wedding. Your friend or family member made a statement by picking you as a bridesmaid. In essence, she cares about you and wants you there to support her during a crucial moment of her life. You can’t do that if you are wrapped up in yourself. Push your drama aside out of love and respect for the bride.

  2. Drinking. If alcohol is being served, it is disrespectful to the bride to become intoxicated during the wedding. It can also prevent you from supporting the bride through her big day, so save the drinking for another time.

  3. Groomsmen. Avoid fretting about which groomsmen you are paired up with. Unless he’s an ex or you are truly uncomfortable, keep your thoughts to yourself.

Being a bridesmaid is about friendship. Typically in your twenties and thirties, you and your friends are at different points in your lives. It can be tough to be a bridesmaid when you are going through a transitional period such as a painful break-up or wresting with being single. You simply have to keep perspective. Being a bridesmaid is an important moment in your relationship with the bride. Put her first out of love and embrace being a bridesmaid so that the bride has the day of her dreams!